Frequently Asked Question

How to register as a new user?

Registration of EPSA® membership is required once only in the entire service. To register as an user, applicant must click on the "Sign Up" button. The steps for online registration are shown as follows:

  1. User who have official e-mail
    1. Fill in the information: IC no., name and e-mail address
    2. Click the ‘Register’ button
    3. Receive e-mail 1: User have to click on the hyperlink provided to confirm registration within 48 hours before it expires
    4. Receive e-mail 2: User can use the user ID and password provided in the e-mail to access into EPSA® system

  2. User who doesn’t have official e-mail
    1. Click on the ‘Verification Letter’ button and fill in the required information. Print the letter and obtain the signature of your supervisor
    2. Fill in the information: IC no., name and personal e-mail address
    3. User have to upload the scanned ‘Verification Letter’ signed by the supervisor
    4. Click the ‘Register’ button
    5. Wait for user registration approval which takes between three to five (3-5) working days
    6. Receive an email: User can use the user ID and password provided in the e-mail to access into EPSA® system

Who can register and use the EPSA® system?

Only government officials and employees are allowed to register and use the EPSA® system.

Can users use their personal email?

If the user does not have a department’s official e-mail, then a letter of verification is required to state that the user is a government official or employee should be uploaded before clicking "Register" button for confirmation.

What if the user has transferred to another department / ministry?

After logging in, the user simply needs to update the user’s information such as e-mail and address on the link Profile Update.

How to register for courses in EPSA®?

Users can register for courses through EPSA® Course Catalog using the following steps:

  1. Click 'Sign Up' to EPSA®.
  2. Click the 'Course Catalog'. Users can view a list of EPSA® courses according to category. Course can only be registered once for each course.

What are the EPSA® courses learning methods?

Learning through EPSA® is learning online which can be accessed / used anywhere and at anytime (24 hours 7 days) with internet access via wi-fi, streamyx, broadband and others.

The Public Service Department (PSD) recognizes one (1) day as equivalent to 6 hours through EPSA®. For example Practice Course 5S worth 12 hours is equal to a two (2) day course.

How are the course learning materials designed through EPSA®?

Learning materials through EPSA® is in multimedia form which contains sound, animation, images, text and requires interaction from EPSA® users. There are self-assessment to test EPSA® users’ understanding.

How to get the EPSA® Letter of Completion?

Users can print your own Letter of Completion by following the steps below:

  1. Click the 'Certificates'.
  2. Completed course schedule is displayed. Click 'Generate Certificate'.

What are the requirements to get a EPSA® Letter of Completion?

The requirements to obtain a Letter of Completion is based on the following criteria:

  1. Make sure that every Bar Column of every topic and sub-topics end/completed.
  2. Be sure to meet the "Minimum Period of Learning”.

For example Practice Course 5S, 'Minimum Period of Learning” = 1 hr. Users have to finish the course within the time duration> = 1 hour and may be examined at the 'Progress Report' or 'My Progress'. The learning one (1) hour period can be continued on the next day.

How to fill the Course / Training Log Book?

For the purpose of recording attendance for EPSA® Independent Learning courses, there is a Course Date of Completion from the Letter of Completion. Course Date of Commencement is set backwards from the date of Completion. For example Practice Course 5S, the course’s hours value is 12 hours = 2-day course. Completion date is 9 April 2013, hence the Course Commencement is dated as 8 April 2013.

Why is there a "Min. Learning Duration is not fulfilled" message when attempting to print the Letter of Completion?

User has not completed the sufficient Minimum Learning Requirement for the course taken. Please see the following:

  1. See 'Min. Learning Duration' required and compare it to the ‘Actual Total time Spend'.
  2. Click 'My Progress' at Learning Pages.
  3. Click 'Launch' to go back to fulfill the time difference.

For example Practice Course 5S, check out:

  1. Minimum Learning Period: 1 Hour
  2. Actual Total Time Spent: 59 minutes
  3. Total Time Difference: 1 hour

Users need to continue the learning to make up for that one minute.

Why can I not print the Letter of Completion?

Users can print the Letter of Completion without problems by ensuring the following:

  1. Make sure the computer is equipped with Adobe Reader
  2. Make sure the computer allows for pop-up blocker.

Are EPSA® courses accounted / recognized by the department / agency to achieve the seven (7) day courses a year?

Depending on the policy of the department / agency respectively, but according to the entry of the Public Sector Training Council Meeting, Public Service Department (PSD) on August 18, 2008, EPSA® was recorded as one of the Training Program category, which is the Independent Learning. PSD recognises courses conducted through EPSA® as 3 days out of the 7-day courses a year with a 6 hours count equivalent to a 1-day course.

What happens if the user forgets his/her password?

If the user forgets the password, then the user can click the 'Forgot Password' hyperlink below the Login textbox and enter the Username/Identity Card No. on the 'Lost Password' form. A new temporary password will be sent to the user via e-mail.

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