EPSA® Membership

EPSA® Membership Terms and Conditions:

  1. Open to all civil servants in Malaysia
  2. One time off EPSA® membership registration while in the civil service.
  3. The user ID is the new Identification Card (IC) No. and password cannot exceed eight (8) characters
  4. It takes three (3) working days to approve the membership registration (Mon-Fri, 8.00am-5pm)
  5. Civil servants must have official individual emails, hence the civil servant must send a confirmation letter from his/her head of department to EPSA® for verification purposes.
  6. EPSA® members must constantly update their profile information in the event of a change of address and the department’s workplace. The EPSA® member must inform the EPSA® System Administrator to update his/her personal information and individual official email.
  7. EPSA® membership applications can only be done by applicant via EPSA Portal only, not by third party. Any applications from emails, fax and letter will not be accepted.
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